Having experienced Disneyland’s Star Tours decades ago, Kevin grew up wondering what a fully armed and operational Star Wars theme park might look like.

Pondering that at length led to the birth in 2015 of LUCASWORLD, his personal vision of that imaginary park. Little did he know however that this little ‘side project’ was about to go viral!

Reviewed by Star Wars Theory and the Park Wars podcast, Kevin’s vision was one step closer to reality.

CLICK HERE to download a coloring-in version


Rebel Force Radio, a popular Star Wars podcast hosted by Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, loved Kevin’s design so much that they decided to put it out to the masses to see what they thought.

From there LUCASWORLD went viral, with fans and media speculating that this could be a leaked map of the recently announced Star Wars Disneyland expansion. Check out the video here or on our YOU TUBE page.


Following the success of LUCASWORLD, Kevin realised his vision wasn’t fully formed.

In true Star Wars fashion, FORCEWORLD, a special edition of LUCASWORLD, was released in 2016 and featuring new rides, upgraded visuals and additions from fans’ suggestions.

Reviewed by Geeks and Gamers.


Following the release of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, Kevin decided that now was the time to complete his Star Wars theme park trilogy. Released in 2020, Forceworld 2.0 showcases a vision of what an all-encompassing Star Wars theme park could look like.

Featuring elements from all the Star Wars movies as well as animated and TV series, Kevin’s vision is now complete and on show for the world to enjoy.

CLICK HERE to download a coloring-in version